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Anadur Drug Profile

Generic name: Nandrolone Hexyloxyphenyipropionate

Trade names
Anador 50 mg/ml; Pharmacia FR
Anadur 50 mg/ml; Kabi Pharmacia G, A, CH,O;
Pharmacia B, NL, Fl, CZ
Anadur 50 mg/2m1; Eczacibasi TK
Anadur 25 mg/ml; Lundbeck DK
Anadur 25 mg/ml; Lundbeck DK
Anadur (o.c.)25 mg/ml; Leo ES
Anadurin 50 mg/ml; Xponei GR

Anadur is one of many steroids which contains the compound nandrolone. Although available in many countries athletes do not use it often. Since its effect is similar to Deca-Durabolin's most people see no reason to take Anadur. This product does, however have a few characteristics, which make it different from "Deca" and therefore an interesting drug. Anadur is the longest lasting nandrolone. After only one injection the substance remains active in the body for four weeks. Anadur, above all, has an anabolic effect, which stimulates the protein synthesis and, as with all nandrolones, requires a high protein intake. Although almost everyone knows that during the intake of steroids more protein is needed, the effect of nandrolone depends on this requirement more than any other steroid. Although this is generally uncommon with steroid products, the consumer information on Anadur points out this fact: "During treatment with Anadur care must be taken that the patient eats a fully balanced diet with adequate protein." In practice, it has been shown that a daily minimum amount of I - 1.5 mg/pound of body weight is required. Anadur is not a steroid to be used to achieve rapid gains in weight and strength but is a classic, basic anabolic steroid which can be stored in the body, allowing a slow but solid muscle gain and an even strength gain. Athletes using Anadur report less water retention than with Deca. For this reason some bodybuilders prefer Anadur when preparing for a competition. It must be observed, however, that in this phase usage of Anadur should be combined with stronger androgenic steroids such as Parabolan or Testosterone propionate, since the androgenic effect of Anadur is too low to protect against the loss of muscle from overtraining during a diet. Because of its slow, even, and compatible effect it is mostly used during steroid treatments which last for several months. For the most part, progress made during this period usually remains after discontinuing the product. Anadur is also a suitable compound for steroid novices and female athletes. When taking 50-100 mg every 10 days women normally show no virilization symptoms and they like to combine Anadur with Wmstrol tablets, Primobolan 5-tablets, or Oxandrolone. Men do not have to take antiestrogens since Anadur aromatizes only lightly and only in rare cases does it lead to gynecomastia.

The side effects of Anadur are even less than those of Deca-Durabolin. Liver damage can be excluded so that it can even be taken by people with liver disease. Virilization symptoms such as acne, hoarseness, deep voice, hirsutism, and increase in libido only occur, if at all, in very sensitive women. A higher blood pressure, due to a low water and salt retention, cannot be excluded but rarely occurs. The use of testosterone-stimulating compounds such as HCG or Clomid is not necessary since Anadur influences the hypothalamohypophysial testicular axis only slightly so that the endogenous testosterone production is not significantly reduced and the risk of a spermatogenic inhibition is minimal. Anadur is a very compatible steroid, which improves the general condition and well being of its user. Some athletes mention an improved psychological well being. As for the dosage, good results can be obtained with 200 mg every 10 days. Contrary to Deca, which athletes usually inject weekly, Anadur produces extremely long effects, allowing large intervals between injections. It is inconvenient for athletes that most of them must fall back on the German or Belgian Anadur, or French Anador which requires the purchase and injection of four 50 mg ampules. Athletes who are not afraid of larger injections therefore use one large 4-ml injection every 10 days.

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