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Steroid Drug Profiles

These are all the steroids and their common or trade names:

Steroid or Drug Name:

Common Name:

Agoviron Methyltestosterone
Agoviron inj Testosterone Propionate
Agoviron-depot Testosterone Suspension
Ambosex Estandron
Amino glute ahimid Cytadren
Anabol Dianabol
Anabolicum Dianabol
Anabolicum Vister Anabolicum Vister
Anabolikum Dianabol
Anabolin Dianabol
Anaboline Deca-Durabolin
Anador Anadur
Anadurin Anadur
Anapolon Anadrol
Anasteron Anadrol
Anatrophill Oxandrolone
Anavar Oxandrolone
Andoredan Dianabol
Andro 100 Testosterone Enanthate
Andro LA Testosterone Cypionate
Andro pository Testosterone Enanthate
Andro-Cyp Testosterone Cypionate
Androfort-Richt Testosterone Propionate
Android Methyltestosterone
Androlan Testosterone Propionate
Androlan Aqueous Testosterone Suspension
Androlin Testosterone Suspension
Androlone-D200 Deca-Durabolin
Andronaq LA Testosterone Cypionate
Andronaq-50 Testosterone Suspension
Andronute Testosterone Cypionate
Androral Methyltestosterone
Androtardyl Testosterone Enanthate
Androxon Andriol
Andryl 200 Testosterone Enanthate
Ara Test Testosterone Propionate
Arcosterone Methyltestosterone
Arderone 100/200 Testosterone Enanthate
Ardomon Clomid
Biogonadyl H.C.G
Bionabol Dianabol
Boldebal Equipose
Brumegon H.C.G
Catanidin Catapres
Catapresan Catapres
Ceadon Nolvadex
Cesbron Clenbuterol
Chor. Gonadtropin H.C.G
Choragon H.C.G
Chorex H.C.G
Chorigon H.C.G
Choriolutin H.C.G
Chorion-Plus H.C.G
Choron 10 H.C.G
Chorulon vet H.C.G
Chorvlon H.C.G
Clenasma Clenbuterol
Clom Clomid
Clomifene Clomid
Clomipheni citras Clomid
Clomipheni citrate Clomid
Clomivid Clomid
Clonidin Catapres
Clonidine Catapres
Clonisin Catapres
Clonistada Catapres
Clonodine HCL Catapres
Clostilbegyt Clomid
Combipress Catapres
Contrapasmina Clenbuterol
Contrasmina Clenbuterol
Corgonject H.C.G
C-ratioph Clomid
Crioxifeno Nolvadex
Deca-Durabol Deca-Durabolin
Defarol Nolvadex
Delatest Testosterone Enanthate
Delatestryl Testosterone Enanthate
Dep Andro-100-200 Testosterone Cypionate
Depo Testosterone Testosterone Cypionate
Deposterone Sustanon 250
Depotest Testosterone Cypionate
Dep-test Testosterone Cypionate
Dep-testosterone Testosterone Cypionate
Dialone Dianabol
Dignotamoxi Nolvadex
Dixarit Catapres
Drolban Masteron
D-test Testosterone Enanthate
Dufine Clomid
Durandron Sustanon 250
Duratamoxifen Duratamoxifen
Duratest Testosterone Cypionate
Dura-testosterone Testosterone Enanthate
Durathate-200 Testosterone Enanthate
Dynasten Anadrol
Dyneric Clomid
Eferox L-Thyroxine
Ekluton H.C.G
Elpihormo Deca-Durabolin
Eltroxin L-Thyroxine
Emblon Nolvadex
Enarmon-depot Testosterone Enanthate
Encephan Dianabol
Euthyrox L-Thyroxine
Eutirox L-Thyroxine
Everone Testosterone Enanthate
Extraboline Deca-Durabolin
Farmo Nolvadex
Fertodur Cyclofenil
Follutein H.C.G
Fortabol Laurabolin
Fortadex Laurabolin
G. chor. "Endo" H.C.G
Ganabol Equipose
Gestyl H.C.G
Glukor H.C.G
Gonadoplex H.C.G
Gonadotrafon LH H.C.G.
Gonadotraphon H.C.G
Gonadotropyl H.C.G
Gonic H.C.G
Gravosan Clomid
HCG Lepori H.C.G
Histerone inj Testosterone Suspension
Hormobin Methyltestosterone
Hybolin Imp Testosterone Cypionate
Indovar Clomid
Jebolan Deca-Durabolin
Jenoxifen Nolvadex
Kessar Nolvadex
Klomifen Clomid
Kyliformon Clomid
Laurabolin V Laurabolin
Ledertam Nolvadex
Levoid L-Thyroxine
Levoroxine L-Thyroxine
Levothroid inj L-Thyroxine
Levothyroxine L-Thyroxine
Levoxine L-Thyroxine
Liothyrone L-Thyroxine
Lonavar Oxandrolone
Longivo Methyltestosterone
L-Thyroxin Hennin L-Thyroxine
L-Thyroxin Sodium L-Thyroxine
Malogen Testosterone Suspension
Malogen Cyp Testosterone Cypionate
Malogen L.A Testosterone Enanthate
Malotrone Testosterone Suspension
Mamomit Cytadren
Mandofen Nolvadex
Masterid Masteron
Masteril Masteron
Mastisol Masterol
Mastofen Nolvadex
Maxibolin Orabolin
Maxiolin Elixier Orabolin
Mediatric Methyltestosterone
Mesteron Methyltestosterone
Metanabol Dianabol
Metandiabol Dianabol
Metandren Methyltestosterone
Methandrostenolonum Dianabol
Mirfat Catapres
Monores Clenbuterol
Nandrobolic L.A Deca-Durabolin
Nandrol. Dec Deca-Durabolin
Nandrolone Dec Deca-Durabolin
Naposim Dianabol
Neo Durabolic Deca-Durabolin
Neoclym Cyclofenil
Neogonadil Bruco H.C.G
Neo-Hombreol Testosterone Propionate
Nerobol Dianabol
Nidolin Triacana
Noltam Nolvadex
Nolvadex D Nolvadex
Nolvadex Forte Nolvadex
Noncarcinon Nolvadex
Norandren Deca-Durabolin
Nourytam Nolvadex
Novegam Clenbuterol
Nurezan Deca-Durabolin
Omifin Clomid
Ondogyne Cyclofenil
Ora-Testryl tabs Halotestin
Oreton Methyl Methyltestosterone
Orgabolin drop Orabolin
Orimetene Cytadren
Ovogest H.C.G
Ovo-Gonadon H.C.G
Oxeprax Nolvadex
Oxitonsa Anadrol
Pace Equipose
Panteston Andriol
Paracefan Catapres
Pergotime Clomid
Permastril Masteron
Pharmachim Clenbuterol
Physex H.C.G
Physex Leo H.C.G
Pioner Clomid
Plenastril Anadren
Praedyn H.C.G
Predalon H.C.G
Pregnesin Pregnesin
Pregnyl H.C.G
Primogonyl H.C.G
Proasi HP Proasi HP
Profasi H.C.G
Prolan vet H.C.G
Prolifen Clomid
Pronabol Dianabol
Prontovent Prontovent
Psychobolan Dynabolan
Rehibin Cyclofenil
Restandol Andriol
Retabolil Deca-Durabolin
Retabolin Deca-Durabolin
Riboxifen Nolvadex
Roboral Anadrol
Rochoric H.C.G
Rodozol Cytadren
S.L.T L-Thyroxine
Serofene Clomid
Serophene Clomid
Serpafar Clomid
Sexovid Cyclofenil
Spasmo Mucosolvan
Spiropent Clenbuterol
Spriopent mite Clenbuterol
Stenolon Dianabol
Stenox Halotestin
Sterobolin Deca-Durabolin
Sybolin Equipose
Synasteron Anadrol
Synthroid L-Thyroxine
T. cell pharm Nolvadex
T. citrate Nolvadex
T. dumex Nolvadex
T. Farmitalia Nolvadex
T. Fermenta Nolvadex
T. Heumann Nolvadex
T. Hexal Nolvadex
T. Jenapharm Testosterone Propionate
T. Lachema Nolvadex
T. lingvalete Methyltestosterone
T. Onkolan Nolvadex
T. Pan Medica Nolvadex
T. Pharbita Nolvadex
T. propionicum Testosterone Propionate
T. Ratiopharm Nolvadex
T. Sopharma Nolvadex
T. Streuli Testosterone Propionate
T. Vitis Testosterone Propionate
T. Wassermann Nolvadex
T.Berco Supp Testosterone Propionate
T.prop. Eifel fango Testosterone Propionate
T.Prop.Disp Testosterone Propionate
T4 tabl L-Thyroxine
Tadex Nolvadex
Tafoxen Nolvadex
Tamax Nolvadex
Tamaxin Nolvadex
Tamcal Nolvadex
Tamexin Nolvadex
Tamifen Nolvadex
Tamofen Nolvadex
Tamofene Nolvadex
Tamoplex Nolvadex
Tamox Nolvadex
Tamox AL Nolvadex
Tamoxan Nolvadex
Tamox-GRY Nolvadex
Tamoxifen Nolvadex
Tamoxifen Ebene Nolvadex
Tamoxifen Funk Nolvadex
Tamoxifen Hexal Nolvadex
Tamoxifen Lederle Nolvadex
Tamoxifen Leivas Nolvadex
Tamoxifen medac Nolvadex
Tamoxifen mp Nolvadex
Tamoxifen NM Nolvadex
Tamoxifeno Nolvadex
Tamoxifeno Septa Nolvadex
Tamoxifeno Tablets Hs Nolvadex
Tamoxifenum Nolvadex
Tamoxifenum gF Nolvadex
Tamoxifenum pch Nolvadex
Tamoxigenat Nolvadex
Tamox-Puren Nolvadex
Tamoxusta Nolvadex
Taxus Nolvadex
Teatrois Triacana
Teenofen Nolvadex
Tesamone Nolvadex
Tesone L.A Testosterone L.A
Test Aqueous Testosterone Suspension
Test Prolongatum Testosterone Cypionate
Testa-C Testosterone Cypionate
Testadiate-Depot Testosterone Cypionate
Testanate No 1 Testosterone Enanthate
Testaval Testosterone Enanthate
Testex Testosterone Propionate
Testex Leo Testosterone Propionate
Testex Leo Prolongatum Testosterone Cypionate
Testoaterone Prop Testosterone Propionate
Testo-Enant Testosterone Enanthate
Testogan Testosterone Propionate
Testoject-50 Testosterone Cypionate
Testoject-LA Testosterone Cypionate
Testolin Testosterone Suspension
Teston Methyltestosterone
Testormon Methyltestosterone
Testorona 200 Testosterone Enanthate
Testorona 50 Testosterone Propionate
Testosteron Testosterone Propionate
Testosterone-depot Testosterone Enanthate
Testoviron depot Testosterone Enanthate
Testovis Methyltestosterone
Testovis depo Testosterone Propionate
Testred Methyltestosterone
Testred Cyp Testosterone Cypionate
Testrin-PA Testosterone Enanthate
Thevier L-Thyroxine
Thyrax L-Thyroxine
Thyrex L-Thyroxine
Thyro 4 L-Thyroxine
Thyro Hormone L-Thyroxine
Thyrotardin L-Thyroxine
Thyroxin L-Thyroxine
Thyroxin-natrium L-Thyroxine
Tiroxino leo L-Thyroxine
Tokormon Clomid
Trinergic Dianabol
Triolandren Testosterone Propionate
Turinabol. Depot Deca-Durabolin
Ultandren Halotestin
Undestor Andriol
Vasoprome Oxandrolone
Vebonol Equipose
Ventipulmin Clenbuterol
Ventolase Clenbuterol
Virigen Andriol
Virilon Methyltestosterone
Virormone Testosterone Propionate
Zemide Nolvadex
Ziremilon Deca-Durabolin
Zitazonium Nolvadex

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